Teeth Whitening....

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Perfect For achieving your perfect smile! Whether you have a Special Event coming up or are looking for long term results we offer Packages & One time services for Everyone.‚Äč

Teeth Whitening Sessions:

Whitening Refresher $100 (20 min Session)

Whitening Boost $150 (40 min Session)

Pearly Whites $200 (Hour Session)

Whitening Refresher $100

This is Perfect for those who are wanting a refresher on their pearly whites, this is ideal for those with sensitive teeth. Service only lasts 20 min.

Whitening Boost $150

This is perfect if you're wanting to achieve a noticeable whiter smile! This Service lasts 40 min & you'll be IG Picture Ready right after!

Pearly Whites $200

This is Perfect if you're wanting to achieve a Very Noticeably Whiter smile! You'll have people asking you what you've done as Everyone will notice! This is ideal if you have a few stains you would like to whiten,especially if you're a coffee, soda or wine drinker. This Service lasts an hour. Be sure to checkout our Teeth Whitening Packages For long term results. You will Receive a take home teeth Remineralizing treatment to restore minerals that in return strengthen your enamel ($50 Value) to avoid any sensitivity. This is a 60 min Service.

* Whitening sessions depend on sensitivity, someone with sensitive teeth cannot do the hour long session but can do several 20 min sessions if they are spread out to achieve desired whitening.

Teeth Whitening Packages:

First time Teeth Whitening Client will receive a Buy ONe Get ONe

Buy 3 Services Get the 4th Complimentary

Family Package: Buy 5 Services Get an additional 3 Complimentary

***Can Be used for 20 min, 40 min, 60 min Sessions.

You are not a good candidate if

-You are pregnant

-If you have periodontal disease or any gum disease.

-You are allergic to peroxide

-If you have Tooth Decay

-you have extremely sensitive teeth

-If you have worn enamel

*Must have all cavities treated prior to whitening.

*Any teeth restorations (fake teeth ) cannot be whitened.

*We offer a take home teeth Remineralizing treatment for clients with sensitive teeth to restore minerals that in return strengthen your enamel for an additional $50