Stefy's Corner

Brow Makeover............


Perfect for Natural Fluffy Brows! 

*Includes touch up


Ombre Combo

Perfect for the Person wanting Bolder fuller

Brows with more of a "makeup" look.

*Includes touch up


Tattoo Correction

Correct a previous tattoo using our newest 

techniques, this includes 2 touch ups.



4 mo Color Booster

Freshen Brows up at the 4 month mark.


5-8 mo Color Booster

Freshen Brows up at the 5-8 month mark.


Yearly Touch up

Freshen Brows up at the  Yearly  mark.

*These Prices are based on our Master Tech


Teeth Whitening

Brighten up your teeth 4-6 shades 

whiter with our one hour service. 


To Book on a Weekend  not available online , call 

 469 335 7151 (New Appts Only)

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