Stefy's Corner

Hello, my name is Kristy Love.

My journey with Stefy started almost 3 years ago as one of her clients. And being that I've always been the creative artistic type, I was fascinated by the detail and art that goes in to microblading. So, I couldn't help but to become one of her students.

Shortly after, I added eyelash extensions to my repertoire. I have such an adoration for the beauty industry and love helping women look and feel their best! Can't wait to meet you!


Classic lashes are commonly for the first timer.

A very natural look is achieved by placing a single extension on every natural lash.



Hybrid lashes are a popular choice. Classy with a hint of drama.

This set is a mix of classic and volume lashes.



Volume lashes provide a fuller, fluffier appearance that is sure to draw attention.

This set is created when multiple fine extensions are placed on one natural lash

to give more dimension and texture



A lash fill is when extensions are applied to your new natural lash growth.

Fills are necessary to keep your lashes looking full and lush.

Price Varies