Stefy's Corner

Building Up the Best PMU Artist's in the Game 

As a Master Brow  tech I have grown to have such passion for teaching others the techniques I have created along the way. I have unique way of measuring and shaping the brows for the quickest most effective way. There is a method to my madness! 

Everything that is taught in my classes is meant to prepare you for the up most success. In my custom made handbook you will have everything you will need to answer common asked questions , you will know what to look out for and how to do a proper consultation. 

With our beautiful kit you can feel confident knowing you'll have quality pigments & tools for your clients.  You'll learn what brow shapes best suite your clients face shape. 

This is a very in depth class. The days will begin with going over theory and hands on. As the week progresses   I will demonstrate step by step exactly what it is I am doing and why I am doing it using a live model.

The second Phase will be students bringing live models to perform what they have learned with supervision allowing you to build your portfolio.

You will leave empowered and confident .

You will receive a Certification of completion at the end. As my student you will also have  access to me as a mentor to help you throughout your journey.

*your seat will be reserved once deposit is paid.

*To book class email [email protected]

 All IN One Course 

( Normally $20,000 VALUE!!! )

One on One Private Course is $5550

Group Class is $3,330

This  Course Teaches



*Nano Strokes

*Ombre Combo


*Tattoo corrections   

6   Techniques in one class!!

Next Group Class is: 

August 14-18

In this course You’ll learn:

-The complete concept of All the services being learned :

Microblading, Microshading, Ombré, Ombré Combo, Tattoo Corrections, Nano Strokes

-Service set up for all procedures

-Client consultations & Communications

-Step by step Service breakdown

-Precautions (Things to look out for )

-Eyebrow design & Face shapes

-Measuring & Shaping

-Pigment & Color theory


-Hair Growth pattern

-Brow After Care


-Touch up & Maintenance Service

Business Course Handbook

*Also Included in your course is a Business Handbook  where you’ll learn about:

-Business Essentials


-Website Building

-Booking Software

-Best Free & Paid Marketing

-Gauging Profits

-Innovative ideas for your business

-Personal Development, How to grow your mindset along with your Business & Profits!

-Book Keeping /Finances

*All at no extra Cost To you!

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Microblading Pen

 Ombre Machine 

20 Microblading Needles

20 Machine Needles

20 Ink rings

Brow Marker

Marble travel case

5 Full Sized Pigment 

Pen/Machine  Holder

Measuring Tool


Mascara wands

Practice Skins

Numbing Cream

Repair Cream

Custom Handbook

Over $800 Value!!!!!!!!

**Deposit of $500 is Required to reserve your spot in class. This is non-refundable**

*Private Classes are booked  on days that works for the two of us.

PLEASE NOTE: All states have their own regulations in regards to permanent makeup. It is the student’s responsibility to research and confirm the requirements to offer the service of Microblading, which falls under Body Art and Tattoo. Your county Health Department will have the info you require. Microblading is not governed by the Cosmetology Board. You do not have to carry an aesthetics or cosmetology license to perform this service. If you decide to take this course, you will need to complete an online or in person Bloodborne Pathogens course of your choice.

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I took the one on one microblading course and Stefy was very patient with me and paid full attention to everything I needed help with. She was very informative. Her work is excellent and she was extremely easy to talk to. She was very encouraging and did not make me feel insecure at any point, even when I messed up over and over again. I highly recommend her one on one class as you get to have her full attention and get to go at your own pace.

Mina Rogers

Stefy is the best and most patient instructor ever! She keeps your dreams high and encourages you not to doubt yourself and to keep going! Her work is brilliant and most realistic. My goal is to be successful as Stefy! Thanks so much for putting your time and effort for us to succeed for our careers!

Elena Martinez Garza 

Stefy did an amazing job microblading my eyebrows. She takes her time to create the most perfect brows for your face. A year later I decided that I wanted to get into microblading and took the training class with Stefy. It was one on one and she is a GREAT instructor. She was extremely patient and shared all of her knowledge. Stefy really wants her students to succeed and provides you with all the information you need. She has a good heart, compassionate, and her generosity is appreciated!

Lianne Duong